Kevin Wills’s The Desire Protocol Review-IS THIS SCAM OR LEGIT?

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The Desire Protocol Review – Does Kevin Wills’s Desire Protocol Scam Or Really Work? Is it Risky? How Desire Protocol to Use? Get Answers to All…



Product Name: The Desire Protocol

Author Name: Kevin Wills

Official Website: Click Here


The Desire Protocol Review

Although it seems as though women outnumber men these days, young males are still finding it hard to rev up their sex life by women above the 8-star rating. This program probably accounts for countless of dating as well as sex guides available today, one of the most successful being The Desire Protocol, a comprehensive sex tip guide supposedly guaranteeing men prime pick over women. The question is: Does it really work? If you are currently considering the purchase of this product, here is what you should know. The Desire Protocol Review

The Desire Protocol Guide-Overview

The Desire Protocol has been in the market for some time now, promising men a surefire technique for having their pick of young, sexy, beautiful women in their bed. The System is pretty comprehensive, teaching you everything you need to know starting from how to find these women, how to chat them up, how to make them come for you, how to get them into bed, and if need be; how to sever the relationship smoothly. Provided in a step-by-step approach with in-depth explanations for each move, The Desire Protocol is well named because by following this, you indeed become a King of the jungle.


What are the Bonuses you will Get from The Desire Protocol System?

Featuring a comprehensive video detailing exactly what the product can offer, The Desire Protocol has gotten lots of attention among the male population. The Program is purely digital in format and contains multiple files, each one contributing to the ultimate goal of becoming the King of sexual playgrounds. Upon purchase of the product, you will be getting the following items:

  • The Desire Protocol Book The Desire Protocol PDF
  • Bonus #1: Effortless Conversation The Desire Protocol eBook
  • Bonus #2: Get a Perfect 10 Girlfriend The Desire Protocol Guide
  • Bonus #3: Get Over Her Overnight The Desire Protocol System
  • Bonus #4: Badass Banter The Desire Protocol Tips
  • Bonus #5: How to Work a Room The Desire Protocol PDF Free Download
  • 5 Surprise Bonuses The Desire Protocol Video tips
  • Access to The Desire Protocol Member’s Area The Desire Protocol Result

Overall, the product is valued at over $1,200 but the creator of The Desire Protocol is giving it away for just $49.


What you will discover in this Desire Protocol Free Program?

Here Are Just a Few Secrets That You Are Going to Learn. And the Amazing Results You Are Going to Get When You Get “The Desire Protocol” Today

The “AURAL COMMAND” Technique:

Use this and you will make any woman burn with desire and vividly imagine having sex with you. All by simply using seemingly innocent small talk, that contains powerful language that will skyrocket her sexual desire and direct it to you.

This technique will completely shut down the parts of her brain that control her impulses and rational thinking making her 100% focused on your having your c**k now!


The “WISH WHISPER” method:

That will turn even the most innocent conservative girl, into a raging nympho that will virtually harass you to penetrate her.

Get old girlfriend back Method:

You’ll get the “LOVE HACK”technique. Where you’ll be like a computer programmer, manipulating the actual string of code of the love center in her brain, to make her want you more than any other man in the past, present, or future.



If you’re not as confident as you would like to be when it comes to approaching women… You will have my simple “PERSONAL LEXICON” technique to create a strong sense of sensual temptation in any woman before you even talk to her. Setting her up to be completely accessible and impatiently waiting for you to approach her. 


In this “DEVIL”S ANCHOR” method And easily link any feelings of pleasure, happiness and satisfaction to you and only you. I have to warn you. This particular method is so powerful that she will literally suffer from “withdrawal symptoms” when you are not inside her p**sy. She might even develop a strong obsession for you. So, be very careful if you decide to use this method 



This Technique allows you to bypass all her defenses, and bring to life her most uninhibited and passionate fantasies. Don’t be surprised if after using this technique you hear her say things like; Can you put it in my *ss? Or, can you please c*me in my mouth?

Is so simple and so effective, that pretty soon your friends and people in your social circle will be wondering how you get all these hot girls. I’m talking about women desiring you and men desiring to be you.

The Desire Protocol works every single time, and the reason is amazingly powerful yet extremely simple… Because it fires up the natural sexual triggers – that every woman has already hard coded in her mind – to create the strongest and deepest sexual desire…


  • This cost is definitely within the affordable range so there is no need to worry about purchase
  • Payment options are extensive, allowing you to buy the product through PayPal or credit cards. Security measures are also in place protecting you against third parties. The Desire Protocol
  • The system is comprehensive, providing guides on how to act the minute you enter the room. There is also a guide on how to talk women so that they would follow you instead of the other way around. The Desire Protocol Scam Reviews
  • It also talks about how to get other men to cooperate with you in getting the hottest babes. There is no need to worry about competition; even the alpha males that usually get the women will do their best to make sure you go home with the hottie of the night. Desire Protocol Book
  • You will be taught how to work a room which essentially means being able to go around a particular bar and take your pick of the females available. The Desire Protocol program
  • The author is a known expert when it comes to dating and picking up the best women, which means that you will be getting advice directly from a card-carrying lady’s man.
  • Identifying the best hunting places where the most beautiful women like to hang out is also available in the product. The Desire Protocol Access
  • You will find out exactly how to get two or more women in a single night, perhaps even encouraging a 2-in-1 sexy play time with the ladies. The Desire Protocol Works
  • No trite advice here, The Desire Protocol presents new as well as proven techniques to get your girl. No need to worry about being found out; the strategies offered are not just foolproof but also something you WILL NOT find in any website. The Desire Protocol Discount

carlos-xuma-bad-boy-formula (1)

  • The techniques offered in the system are not that complicated and does not require you to be celebrity-handsome or rich. It does not matter what you look like, how old you are or what car you drive. These techniques will work perfectly. The Desire Protocol cost
  • The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which should assure all buyers about its legibility. If you are unhappy with the results, simply contact their Customer Support and you will get 100% of your money back. The Desire Protocol Price
  • Buyers of the product get complete access to The Desire Protocol member’s area, allowing them direct contact with other practitioners of the technique. This way, you would be able to talk with others, compare results, and even improve your game. The Desire Protocol Guide
  • So far, reviews of the product have been positive, providing further assurance for anyone who wants to make the purchase. Buyers cashing in on the money-back guarantee as also absent.
  • There are also 5 surprise bonuses included in the package, all of which are designed to help improve your game at no cost to you. The Desire Protocol PDF Reviews
  • The customer service is fairly good, providing both quick as well as easy access to help. Within just a few hours, you should be able to get the answers you want without any problems.
  • Due to the electronic format of the program, you will never have to pay a cent for the cost of delivery. This also means that you will be able to receive the system as soon as payment is confirmed. Simply start the download and study the information given.


  • The main problem with this product is that the files are large, which means that it will take some time before a complete download is made. If you’ve got an impressive Internet speed however, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. Also note that The Desire Protocol is meant to help you get laid by multiple of women, not just one. If you are looking for the girl to settle with or aiming a permanent relationship with a specific female, then this book is NOT for you.




To wrap it up, The Desire Protocol have what it takes to boost your game from zero to a hundred miles per hour with minimal effort necessary! Based on the various reviews for the product, its author manages to deliver on its promise, providing readers with a comprehensive guide on how to become the perfect lady’s man. The bonuses are also incredibly helpful as well as will improve your game while teaching you things you’ve never considered before. We are giving it a 4.5 star out of 5. For more information, check out their main website.Download Free Download Program.

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