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Defeating Diabetes eBook Review – Does Defeating Diabetes PDF Scam Or Really Work? Is it Risky? How Defeating Diabetes Guide to Use? Get Answers to All…..




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Defeating Diabetes Book Review

A renowned nutritionist, Yuri Elkaim has created a unique product known as the Defeating Diabetes. This System reveals how you can use a special food substance known as “super starch” to reverse the harmful effects of diabetes on the body. This Defeating Diabetes kit has been used by thousands of people who have type 2 diabetes and it has enabled them to overcome insulin resistance, maintain a healthy weight, and enhance their digestion and metabolism. In this reviews, we will take a brief look at the details and benefits of this new health program.

Defeating Diabetes-What is that?

Basically, the main solution provided by Yuri Elkaim is founded on a simple and effective white starch, also called dietary resistant starch (RS). Resistance starch is found in many natural foods which we consume regularly. It is a form of carbohydrate that is not readily digested in the stomach but passes into the gut and acts like a type of soluble dietary fiber. From the gut it travels into the large intestine where it is digested by millions of bacteria and turned into a form of fatty acid.

Currently, research has shown that resistance starch is present in foods like raw potatoes and unripe bananas. It can also be found in some legumes, grains and seeds. But resistance starch is also formed when certain starchy foods such as rice and potatoes are cooked and then left to cool. During the cooling process, some of the starch is converted to resistance starch through a process known as retro gradation.


The System shows you the right combination of food, with natural sources of resistance starch that can help to promote insulin sensitivity. According to a research conducted in 2014 at the Iowa State University, this form of starch can drastically reduce the loss of vitamin D in urine and thus enhance blood sugar control. The study revealed that resistance starch has the potential to reduce blood sugar by as much as 41 percent. When 5 grams of this starch was added to muffin, it helped obese people to bring down and stabilize their blood sugar effectively. In the same study, insulin sensitivity improved by 33 percent within four weeks. The weight gain in the participants also reduced significantly because of the feeling of satiety that the starch provided. Hence, it reduced the hunger and cravings that usually lead overweight people into binge eating. Cholesterol and triglycerides were also reduced in the blood samples tested.

Defeating Diabetes is currently being managed by the Super Nutrition Academy which is owned by Yuri Elkaim and his team. You can buy the standard package which provides a collection of recipes, and information on the super resistance starch that will enable you to use several super foods to transform your health. After buying the standard package, you will also have access to an upgraded version which you can try out for a short period of time, free of charge.

How Does Defeating Diabetes Tips for Diet plan works?

Asunta Due to poor eating, genetic factors and certain chronic conditions that affect the insulin-producing cells, many individuals across the world are today suffering from either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Both types of diabetes are clinically caused by increased levels of blood sugar due to failure of the body to produce insulin hormone. If blood sugar is not controlled, it can result to coma and eventually to death. Since there is no permanent cure for diabetes, the doctors usually prescribe insulin injections so as to balance the blood sugar levels.

Today, the market has become flooded with pills, medications and supplements which claim to regulate blood sugar and diabetes control programs which claim to provide methods that regulate blood sugar. Unfortunately, most of the pills and supplements are addictive and may cause long term health effects. However, there is a new diabetes control program which has hit the market with storm. This program is known as Defeating Diabetes by Yuri Elkaim. The program has been shown to provide diabetes sufferers with a permanent cure against diabetes.

There is no doubt that diabetes has become one of the most dangerous diseases that continue to send many to their premature graves while keeping thousands in their perpetual fear and pain of the worse. This system has increased the desire among many individuals to explore and learn more about this book before committing their fortune. This is my honest and sincere Defeating Diabetes review which will only reflect on my independent thoughts towards this Defeating Diabetes book.



  • The Defeating Diabetes is written in a simple, easy-to-understand language with clear instructions. Therefore, people of all educational backgrounds can understand it.
  • It provides you with a permanent cure for diabetes, meaning that you no longer have to carry drugs and syringes around. The Defeating Diabetes Access
  • The Defeating Diabetes is safe and highly effective because it is all-natural. Users do not need to worry about any side effects. The Defeating Diabetes Review
  • It offers a 60-day money back guarantee that allows you to return it if you feel unsatisfied. This allows you to test the program without feeling pressured to like it.
  • The program helps sufferers to live a long and meaningful, worry-free life.
  • The program is the quickest and easiest natural solution ever created to lower your blood sugar in just a matter of weeks. The Defeating Diabetes Scam
  • It is perfect for busy persons because it is flexible and can fit anyone’s schedule. One session can be completed in as little as ten minutes per day. The Defeating Diabetes Book Reviews
  • This is backed by solid scientific research. If you are skeptical about it, you just have to check the numerous studies online. The Defeating Diabetes Works
  • It is suitable for everyone, even those who do not suffer from diabetes. Healthy people can use it to keep their blood sugar at a normal level, keeping diabetes at bay
  • The system is very easy to comply with, you just need to change your diet and start exercising. If you are good at following instructions, you will be okay.



  • Those who do not have access to the internet cannot access this program; this means that it is not for everyone. The Defeating Diabetes How its works
  • It does not heal you magically, you have to follow many instructions and pay attention.
  • It is not a replacement for medical intervention and advice. In fact, Dr. Matthew Farlan agrees that anti-diabetic medication is important in the management of diabetes. Therefore, you have to treat The Defeating Diabetes as an addition to your current plan.
  • It is not a new concept. You have probably heard of athletes who have used HIIT for years. While this program has a few new additions, most of the information is available online.


The prevalence of diabetics has reached epidemic proportions in most countries. Furthermore, this disease has resulted in the death of a lot of individuals. A lot of diabetics have lost any hope of living a normal life because they have been informed that the condition is incurable. Defeating Diabetes has good news for such individuals, as they can now live productive and normal lives and they can enjoy freedom from medication if they follow the simple guidelines. From this in-depth Defeating Diabetes review, the individual will understand all the benefits that they will enjoy from reading this book and following its instructions.


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